the loaf

Crich shop front

the loaf is right at the heart of the village of Crich in Derbyshire, both physically and, for many, emotionally. We aim to provide a hub for village life. The café is a place for people to meet and socialise. It is a warm, busy and welcoming place to spend some time. the bakehouse is a meeting and function space for people to use and enjoy.

how we started

The bakery

Rog and Andrew opened the loaf in Crich in October 2008 in premises that had been occupied by a bakery since 1919. In October 2011 we expanded the bakery in Crich to be able to produce bread for our wholesale customers in Derby, Belper, Cromford, West Hallam and Little Eaton. Our passion is to produce top quality bread, cakes and food and to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Producing tasty, additive-free, hand-made food is the most important thing we do.

A young looking Roger, Andrew and Keith

Supermarkets dominate food retailing and they encourage people to rate cheap prices over taste and quality in the food they buy. the loaf is part of the growing movement of local producers determined to reignite people’s interest in good-quality, well produced, additive-free food at a fair price.

The UK went through a bit of a bad patch as far as producing great bread is concerned. The introduction of factory production in the fifties coupled with aggressive marketing hoodwinked many people into thinking that the sign of good bread is its ability to stay soft and fluffy for days on end. Sadly people are largely unaware of the number of additives, dough improvers and preservatives that go in to factory produced bread. They are also unaware of the huge energy costs that go in to mass-produced bread. This is changing as more and more bakers return to hand-crafted, traditional baking methods.

the loaf specialises in long-fermentation breads where taste is the most important factor. Providing customers with a changing range of fresh and exciting breads seven days a week what we do.

who sells our bread for us?

the loaf delivery van on the road!

Places that stock our bread for sale

If you fancy becoming a wholesale customer yourself... check out our FAQs and send us an enquiry

Of course our bread is available from our bakery in Crich every day... however here are other outlets where you can pick up our bread from


  • David Bown Butchers





  • Holbrook village store 


Little Eaton

  • Little Kitchen



and where can you eat our bread?

What a busy place!

Cafés, pubs and restaurants which serve our bread

If you fancy becoming a wholesale customer yourself... check out our FAQs and send us an enquiry

We use our bread at our café in Crich on all our freshly prepared dishes, however the following outlets also use our bread on their menu








  • Cafe Aroma




West Hallam

more about us

the loaf in Crich
  • pizza night

    Carciofo pizza

    Wednesday night is pizza night

    Book your table for our weekly pizza night and enjoy authentic, stone baked 11 inch pizzas in the warm comfort of our café.

  • breads

    Crich special sourdough

    Every day we bake fresh, real artisan bread with no added preservatives. From sourdough to standard breads, from baguettes to foccacia...check out our bread production page for more infomation

  • café

    the café in Crich in full swing

    At the bakery in Crich, we also have a friendly and welcoming café serving a varietly of hot and cold drinks and food.

  • deli

    our deli counters

    Our deli counter and shelves are often stocked to the brim with local produce.