Sourdough loaves

bread at the loaf

Crich special sourdough

All bread sold at the loaf is baked, fresh every day, at the bakery in Crich. Some of our customers have told us that it would be useful to understand a little bit more about the differences between the great variety of breads that we make. Below we have provided a short guide around our breads, which will hopefully help you get a better understanding of what we produce. We bake ‘standard breads’ every day, right through to distinctive continental artisan breads on select days… see our baking schedule – we should have something that suits your taste whatever the occasion. When we bake, we bake properly… this means no additives or preservatives of any kind go into any of our products – store our bread sealed and it will last for a few days (if you can resist eating it all on the day you buy it!) We use vegetable fats in some breads, however most of them are a simple combination of flour, water, fat, yeast and a smidge of salt. Because of the fats we use, the majority of our bread is vegan friendly. Check out our full allergen list for more info about what we use in our products. For more information about who stocks and who uses our bread, visit our stockists section.

  • standard breads

    Cottage loaves being shaped

    We bake most of our standard breads every day, these cover the likes of White, Wholemeal and Malted grain breads.

  • sourdough bread

    Sundried tomato sourdough interior

    Fermented for 48 hours and with no added yeast, sourdough offers a unique flavour unlike any other bread - as well as leaving them plain, we fill ours with olives, sundried tomatoes and sometimes even apricot and walnut 

  • spelt bread

    spelt sliced up on a chopping board

     We also use Spelt flour to make some of our breads - It is recommended for customers with an intolerance to the gluten found in modern wheat varieties.

  • rye bread

    seeded dark rye bread on racks

    We have a developing range of breads that include rye flour. Rye grain has much less gluten than wheat and so breads made with rye can be more easily digested by some people who have a wheat or gluten intolerance

  • french bread

    french baguettes on bread tray

    Such satisfying bread to bake... French breads includ Baguettes, Croissants and Pain au levain

  • italian bread

    Walnut and pesto foccacia bread cooling on tray

    Foccacia, Ciabatta and Pannini bread... our delicious range of Italian bread is the perfect addition to your meal

  • sweet breads

    Seeded brioche buns cooling on a rack

    Our sweet breads range includes products such as brioche buns (perfect for burgers and BBQs), teacakes, Crich fruit squares and Belgian buns

  • scones and croissants

    Apple and cinnamon scones in a basket

    We have a very extensive scones and morning goods range... sometimes we even just decide on the day what we're going to put into our scones !

  • cobs, rolls and baps

    A selection of rolls and cobs in basket on a market stall

    We bake a wide variety of cobs, rolls and baps every day...perfect for sandwiches

we love baking!

Light Rye loaves

baking schedule

Cottage loaves on bakers table

What's in the ovens and when ?

We try to bake as much as we can each day, however we only manage to do some breads on certain days - check out our baking schedule below for more info.

If you would like to reserve a loaf, or even place an order, then please phone the shop so we can make sure you get what you want and avoid disappointment - 01773 857074







Each Friday, we alternate between three different rye breads, inspired by Andrew's visits to Nordic bakeries... below is our schedule - some of the loaves we bake as a 1.5kg loaf and sell by weight (perfect for if you're wanting to dip your toe in something a little bit different), some are done as small individual loaves.


SATURDAY (Controlled chaos in the bakery!)




July 2021


who sells our bread for us?

the loaf delivery van on the road!

Places that stock our bread for sale

If you fancy becoming a wholesale customer yourself... check out our FAQs and send us an enquiry

Of course our bread is available from our bakery in Crich every day... however here are other outlets where you can pick up our bread from


  • David Bown Butchers





  • Holbrook village store 


Little Eaton

  • Little Kitchen



and where can you eat our bread?

What a busy place!

Cafés, pubs and restaurants which serve our bread

If you fancy becoming a wholesale customer yourself... check out our FAQs and send us an enquiry

We use our bread at our café in Crich on all our freshly prepared dishes, however the following outlets also use our bread on their menu








  • Cafe Aroma




West Hallam