Crich special sourdough

Cobs, Rolls, Baps

  • white and brown rolls

    white baps in bread racks

    Baps, Rolls, Cobs, Breadcakes, Barms... whatever you call them, we do them.

  • Artisan rolls

    a selection of rolls in basket on market stall

    We make so many different types of rolls, that there isn't enough space on the internet to list them all here...but in short; as well as 'normal' rolls, we make a selection of artisan rolls such as: Pumpkin seed, Poppy seed, Rye Chops or Cheese...

  • Brioche buns

    Brioche buns on cooling rack

    Brioche, a French bread in origin is a bread made with milk, egg and butter... giving it a heavenly sweetness. Available as a roll or loaf, it makes the perfect accompaniment to your burgers on your sizzling BBQ.

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when we bake rolls

bakers table rolls are an essential ingredient for sandwiches, so we make these every day !