crich special sourdough

French bread

  • baguette

    baguettes cooling on bread tray

    A long, thin loaf of French bread perfect with cheese - the dough is actually defined by French law beleive it or not !

  • pain polka

    pain polka on bread shelves

    Made from Baguette dough but just a different shape... we like to bend the rules a bit.

  • petit pan

    Petit pan in basket

    The petit pan is again, made from baguette dough, and simply shaped into more manageable sizes, giving you a 'baguette roll'.

  • pain au noix

    pain au levain being held up in the shop

    French wholeweat sourdough - a dense bread, with a very delicate tang to it.

  • pain au leavain

    pain au levain on bread racks

    Walnut sourdough using the Pain au levain dough, a complex taste and texture.

  • french country sourdough

    french country sourdough on kitchen worktop

    Similar to a ciabatta in shape, this open textured loaf has the most delicious crust thanks to the rye and malt in the recipe.

  • brioche

    brioche buns on cooling rack

    Brioche also falls under our sweet bread categories, but is in-fact a bread that hails from France. This is a sweet in taste bread and makes the perfect accompaniment to your burgers on your sizzling BBQ.

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French bread is one of our more popular categories of bread... so we bake the following every day

  • Baguette
  • Pain Polka
  • Petit pan
  • Pain au levain
  • Pain au noix
  • Brioche


  • French country sourdough


  • French country sourdough