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Sourdough September!

by Andy Wallis

Sourdough trio bread

Sourdough September is upon us yet again and of course... we have some exciting things planned.

Crich special sourdough (baked on Saturdays only)

Sourdough September which is run by the Real Bread Campaign is occurring all across the nation from this Saturday throughout the month. Its aim? To get us all involved in enjoying, embracing and being immersed in the phenomenon that is sourdough and whist we’re at it, to raise dough and do good at the same time.

We plan to get as many of you involved in baking as we can... you best clear out a shelf in your fridge.

plain sourdough cut in half
Plain sourdough… baked every day

We will be baking some brand new sourdough products, so make sure you get to the bakery early or are first in line at our market stall to get your loaf!

Sundried tomato sourdough cut in half
Sun-dried tomato sourdough… we also bake this every day

We will also be offering exclusive sourdough discounts on our mobile loyalty card, if you haven't downloaded it yet then you can follow  THIS LINK HERE.

Once downloaded, tap the 'i' in the bottom right hand corner to reveal the latest offers.

Spelt and seed sourdough
Spelt and seed sourdough (baked on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday)

That's all that we can say for now... we wouldn't want to give too much away!

View our full baking schedule here, and our market schedule here.

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