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Building work

by Andrew Auld

Crich sourdough

The good news today is that our building control application has been approved! It was a labour of love and interesting to experience the local authority processes from the other side of the fence! (For those who don't know, my job until I finish this Friday is working for Derby City Council.)

The building work is cracking on a pace. The new opening between the shop and the preparation room behind is now in place - complete with new steps. The walls in the shop are being plasterboarded and the new suspended ceiling will start to go in next week.

The big excitement this week promises to be the arrival of the bread oven: Tom Chandley five-deck, 15 tray with steam. It's a big beast and I really hope we have got all the measurements right and it gets through the doors!!!

Hoping to hear from Portugal today about the refrigerated display counters. Their delivery date will be the last piece in the jigsaw and will dictate our opening this space.

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