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Oven fits through the gap

by Andrew Auld

Crich sourdough

Well it has been an exciting morning! The oven arrived at 7.45 and as well as looking big, it was pretty heavy. Hopefully we didn't delay too many people on their way to work as we wheeled it across the road and in the front door. Once in the shop, the problem of getting it up two steps and through the doorway to the bakehouse began...would Sean's measuring be up to scratch?

it should have been this big
“It was supposed to be this big!”
standing back looking at the oven
We’ve made it up one step, looks a bit tall though…
Oven going through the gap
Looking very tight…
oven stuck in the gap
Oh no, is it stuck????
Oven in the bakery
Phew we made it! When do we start baking?
Back to work plastering the shop
Back to the work of plastering the shop…

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