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Keith makes a visit

by Andrew Auld

five grain sourdough

Today Keith, the new baker, Rog and I made one of our frequent visits to the shop to view progress and to take decisions about layout that would mean changes for the Pentalpha boys yet again! This time it was a discussion about the siting of the retarder/prover and a sink in the oven room.

Retarder prover

You can see the retarder/prover in this's the big stainless-steel fridge like thing to the left of the ovens.

baking table

Its job is to make Keith and my job easier by holding back mixed and shaped dough for a programmable length of time by freezing it, then get it ready for baking automatically by gradually warming it up again and proving it. The idea is, we will shove the next morning's bread rolls in this machine about 18 hours before we actually want to bake them to give ourselves a head start. Keith and I also considered the dilemma of the height of the bakers' table. I am not saying Keith is short, just that there is a height difference between us...

Andy and Keith smiling

We decided on a compromise of shortening the legs by two inches. Happy bakers both!

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