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Progress accelerates !

by Andrew Auld

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Life is very hectic for Rog and I at the moment. Interviews for staff are in full swing, we are trying to finalise our list of suppliers and products and ordering the last bits and pieces of equipment. I think our neighbours are getting used to the sight of delivery vans coming down the lane laden with boxes of stuff.

Among the exciting deliveries for today were a stereo system, a water filter so we have an alternative to bottled water and a 'gasket'.

Andy at the heater in the kitchen

Things are really starting to come together in the shop too. I am very cheery about the café kitchen now that the cooker is connected and the extraction system is in (all looks rather industrial, doesn't it!!):

Rog at the sink

Rog and I both had fun testing our hand wash sinks in, respectively, the coffee preparation area and the café kitchen...

Andy at the sink

...only trouble was there is no water yet!!!

Jody in the workshop

And it's not just at the shop that the Pentalpha boys are working hard. At the workshop in Ripley, Jody and Richard are hard at work making the bread and deli shelving...

Bench with upholstery installed well as putting the final touches to the bench, eh?

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