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Up and down

by Andrew Auld

light rye loaves

If our progress were being chronicled by a reality TV programme, yesterday would have been a dream day for the producer. There was drama at every turn and more highs and lows than a British weather system.

Firstly, there was the continuing gloom from the mixer problems of the day before. Undaunted though, we decided to mix up a sour dough giving it a long mix on slow speed to make up for lack of the high speed setting. Keith and I were strangely mesmerised by the sight of our very first dough turning in the big spiral mixer. When later we joked with Trina about her and Rog's 'break time' drinking test coffees, she quipped back "what do you call standing for 20 minutes watching a dough mixer then?"

By the way, Trina is Keith's wife who has accepted the job of working in the shop alongside Rog as Shop Superviser. I would post a picture but she has been rather camera shy up 'til now...

Pure beans delivery

We were then further buoyed by the sight of Paul from Pure Beans pulling up with a very exciting looking few boxes...

Rog unpacking the coffee machine

Rog quickly got to work unpacking - do you think he looks excited?

Andy drilling holes

I was set to work drilling holes in the nice new work top (don't tell anyone from Pentalpha!!)...

coffee machine
And here it is all set up ! Sadly, our elation was tainted later by the complete failure of our first dough due to another machine fault, this time on the retarder prover. We were really despondent and went to bed in gloomy mood. Things will hopefully pick up tomorrow and over the weekend.

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