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  • Christmas is coming !

    Christmas is coming !

    Christmas, baking courses and much much more !

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  • Sourdough September!

    Sourdough September!

    The ninth month is for celebrating sourdough - have a read to find out what we're up to...

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  • French cheese week continues...

    French cheese week continues...

    French cheese frenzy at the loaf !

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  • French cheese week at the loaf

    French cheese week at the loaf

    To celebrate to sporting success of France, we’ve shipped in a few of their finest cheeses!

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  • Beware of sourfaux

    Beware of sourfaux

    As members of the real bread campaign, we are very proud to produce proper bread - this means no flavour enhancers or additives.

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  • Crich Parish Well Dressing 2018 - Sow Seeds of Peace

    Crich Parish Well Dressing 2018 - Sow Seeds of Peace

    The loaf marks its tenth year in Crich by taking part in the 2018 Crich Parish Well Dressing event. In commemoration of the end of World War One, we aim to 'Sow Seeds of Peace'.

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  • We did it!

    We did it!

    The final day of Andrew and Rob Auld's epic cycle from East to West across Britain and Ireland raising money for Prostate Cancer UK. Dunmore Head in their sights and some of Ireland's beautiful scenery to cross.

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  • It's a BLEEP BLEEP to Tipperary!

    It's a BLEEP BLEEP to Tipperary!

    On day 4 of their challenge to cycle the 600 miles from England's furthest Easterly point to Ireland's furthest Westerly, Rob and Andrew head from Dublin to Tipperary. 

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  • Wales green for a reason

    Wales green for a reason

    Crossing Wales as part of our five day C2C2C2C. Pressure on to catch the ferry in Holyhead...did we make it?

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  • Across the middle of England

    Across the middle of England

    Second day of 600 mile cycle ride from Ness Point in Lowestoft to Dunmore Head in South West Ireland raising money for Prostate Cancer UK.

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Christmas products : So, what are we baking ?

by Andy Wallis

Cranberry, Oat and Apple Sourdough loaves

As yuletide approaches, so do our Christmas products. Here at the loaf, we will be bringing  you a very wide range of festive treats


fig bread on bread shelves

Fig bread (Pictured)

Made using our very popular light rye dough, and delicious with cheese.

Apricot and walnut sourdough

With a heartier crust than the fig bread, this also goes well with cheese but is a great partner for a hearty winter soup.

Marzipan Stollen

Marzipan stolen

Made small and medium for customer sale, or can be made large for use in cafés to slice and toast (oh how the marzipan caramelises in the toaster!)

Christmas Puddings

Christmas puddings using Andrew’s family recipe are now available from the shop and we will be selling them at the markets we attend (check out our website for where we are when!). These cakes are deliciously dark and gently spiced with fresh apple and carrot in the recipe, giving them a moistness that adds to their flavour, the perfect way to round of a Christmas meal and save yourself a job whist you’re at it. they are available in three sizes; small (1-2 people), medium (3-4 people) and large (6-8 people)

Also from a family recipe, our Mince Pies are now available daily. We made our own mincemeat a couple of months ago using English Bramley apples and not-so-English Brandy and pride ourselves in our all-butter pastry

Christmas bread orders

if you would like to place bread orders over the festive period (recommended) then simply download a bread order form

it's always a good idea to keep up-to-date on what we are up to- especially over the festive period ! so give us a follow on Facebook page and our Twitter for the latest updates of what we're up to!

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