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Beware of sourfaux

by Andy Wallis

sourdough loaves

After reading an Instagram post from Peter cooks bread, this morning regarding sourdough, I felt it only topical that I shed some light on the matter myself as well !

sourdough loaf cut in half

Just like many other artisan bakeries, we are also proud members of the Real Bread Campaign . We are among of the alliance of bakers whom are committed to producing proper, additive and enhancer free bread at an affordable price.

loaf van out on delivery

Sour dough bread is made using a fermenting culture of flour and water that encourages wild yeasts that are in the flour and the air to grow and thrive. Every day we feed this culture or ‘leaven’ and take a bit off it to make that day’s bread. As there is no cultivated baker’s yeast in the bread, people with an intolerance to normal bread sometimes find they can eat sour doughs without the same problems.

For our wholesale customers, it can sometimes be a pain having to stick to our 48 hour notice rule for sourdough orders... however we assure you, that those two days are all what makes our sourdough, and other bakeries following the real bread campaign, real sourdough. We don't use any shortcuts, we just follow the rules and produce proper sourdough.


sourdough loaf cut in half

Below is a baking schedule for our sourdough, we like to make as much available as possible !

Daily, we bake the following:

  • Plain

  • Olive

  • Sun-dried tomato

  • Walnut and Raisin

  • Five grain

  • Apricot and Walnut


  • Spelt and seed sourdough


  • Spelt and seed sourdough


  • 100% Spelt sourdough with honey


  • Spelt and seed sourdough

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