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Scones etc...

  • plain scones

    plain scones in basket

    Classic and tasty, ready for you to top with whatever you want... and in wichever order!

  • fruit

    fruit scones in basket

    Sultanas added to the mix... the first of many variants.

  • cherry

    cherry scones in basket

    Succulent and sweet... the fuel to power you through your days.

  • wholemeal, date and walnut

    Sometimes we just throw ingredients together and come up with products like this... and oh my does it work !

  • cheese

    Topped with cheese as well as having it in the dough... toasting and buttering these scones is the future.

  • lemon and poppy seed

    lemon and poppy seed scones in basket

    A classic combination... like a cake only smaller !

  • cranberry, oat and orange

    scones in basket

    A hearty combination that brings you a scone full of flavour.

  • specialty scones

    Apple and Cinnamon scones in basket

    On Sundays we have sconetastic Sunday... this sees the likes of the Apple and Cinnamon scones.


  • croissants

    croissants in basket

    The classic French breakfast item... butter, jam, marmalade... whatever you like !

  • chocolate croissant

    chocolate croissant in basket

    Stuffed with chocolate, the ultimate treat.

  • pain aux amandes

    pain aux amandes in basket

    Almond paste spread throughout, an alternative take on the croissant.

  • pain aux raisins

    Pain aux raisins in basket

    Essentially, a raisin croissant... except this is in an swirl shape which makes it even more delicious !

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when we bake scones and morning goods

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We bake scones and morning goods every single day... however our scones vary from day to day, sometimes we go off pisté and make whatever scones we want !