crich special sourdough

sourdough bread

Sour dough bread is made using a fermenting culture of flour and water that encourages wild yeasts that are in the flour and the air to grow and thrive. Every day we feed this culture or ‘leaven’ and take a bit off it to make that day’s bread. As there is no cultivated baker’s yeast in the bread, people with an intolerance to normal bread sometimes find they can eat sour doughs without the same problems.

  • plain sourdough

    plain sourdough bread interior

    Not sour, just very very tasty! Our sour dough range is fast becoming the most popular selection of breads that we produce.

  • five grain sourdough

    five grain sourdough loaves stacked up in trays

    Sunflower seed, poppy seed, linseed, pumpkin seed and wheat grains... plenty too keep you going !

  • walnut and raisin sourdough

    walnut and raisin sourdough bread on bread racks

    The soft sweetness of raisins paired with the subtle crunch of walnuts...perfect with some cheese.

  • sundried tomato sourdough

    sundried tomato sourdough

    We leave sun-dried tomatoes to soak in the dough, reddening the bread and gently spreading the fresh tomato flavour throughout.

  • olive sourdough

    olive sourdough piled up on a rack

    We throw in the best green and black olives into our sourdough, giving it that taste that has the happy medium of sweet and salt.

  • crich special sourdough

    crich special sourdough cooling in trays

    A blend of white and rye flour, wheat and whole wheat along with two different sourdough leavens brings you our very own sourdough loaf... you'll not get anything like this anywhere else.

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when we bake sourdoughs

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Sourdough is that popular with our customers that we bake the following from the range every day:

  • Plain

  • Olive

  • Sun-dried tomato

  • Walnut and Raisin

  • Five grain

  • Apricot and Walnut


  • Spelt and seed sourdough


  • Spelt and seed sourdough


  • 100% Spelt sourdough with honey


  • Spelt and seed sourdough