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Sweet bread

  • brioche

    brioche buns on cooling rack

    Brioche, a french bread in origin is a bread made with milk, egg and butter... giving ita heavenly sweetness. Available as a roll or loaf, it makes the perfect accompaniment to your burgers on your sizzling BBQ.

  • fruit loaf

    Made from the same dough as tea cakes, see this loaf as an answer to all your problems... slice it, toast it, butter it... and smile.

  • crich fruit square

    Our very own creation, a blend of rye and wholemeal flour and about double the amount of fruit that goes into a tea cake... you won't be able to get these anywhere else and they are to die for!

  • iced buns

    Classic... white bread dough baked and then once cooled, topped with icing.

  • belgian buns

    Belgian buns on a plate

    Filled with riasins, covered in icing... and a cherry on top

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when we bake sweet breads

bakers table At the loaf, we don't think anyone should have to wait for something sweet, so we bake our sweet range every day... along with having freshly made cakes in the counter every day